Earn higher returns on your deposit with Bajaj Finance FD

Earn higher returns on your deposit with Bajaj Finance FD

The returns of different financial instruments depend on the macroeconomic situation of the country. In India, the prevailing economic crisis has led to a reduction in repo rates and due to this, the banks have reduced the interest rates on fixed deposits and many other fixed-income investment options.

If you still want access to high returns and a safe investment platform, you can think of investing your savings in Bajaj Finance online FD. The FD rates offered by Bajaj Finance FD scheme are significantly higher than bank FDs.

Apart from these, there are many other reasons for investing in FD plans from Bajaj Finance. Some of these reasons are described below:

 Impressive returns 

Earning high returns with Bajaj Finance Fixed Deposit plans is possible, as your investments grow at fixed deposit rates of up to 7.25%. Suppose you’re a senior citizen looking to invest Rs. 25,00,000 in FD for 5 years. The below table shows returns when you deposit the same amount in PSU (Public Sector Undertaking) bank FD, bank FD, and Bajaj Finance FD for the same tenor:

FD Plan


Interest Rate 

Interest Earnings 


Bajaj Finance FD

Rs. 25,00,000


Rs. 10,85,245

Rs. 36,75,245

Private Bank FDs

Rs. 25,00,000


Rs. 9,51,049

Rs. 34,51,049

PSU Bank FDs

Rs. 25,00,000


Rs. 8,67,138

Rs. 33,67,138

Therefore, you can observe that the difference in interest earnings is quite significant to make a huge difference in the returns. However, if you are seeking a periodic interest payout to take care of your additional expenses then you can invest your savings in non-cumulative FD from Bajaj Finance.

The below table shows the periodic interest-earning options and earnings when you invest Rs. 25,00,000 for 5 years in a non-cumulative FD from Bajaj Finance:

Customer type 

Monthly Interest Payout

Quarterly Interest Payout

Six-monthly Interest Payout

Annual Interest Payout

Senior citizen (online/offline investment)

Rs. 14,625

Rs. 44,125

Rs. 89,000

Rs. 1,81,250

Non-senior citizen (online investment)

Rs. 14,333

Rs. 43,250

Rs. 87,250

Rs. 1,77,500

Non-senior citizen (offline investment)

Rs. 14,146

Rs. 42,625

Rs. 86,000

Rs. 1,75,000

As you can see, senior citizens earn extra returns as they are eligible for a 0.25% higher FD rates. They can use this rate benefit to earn a decent interest payout for meeting their regular fund needs.

 Seamless online investment process 

A seamless online investment process is available when you opt to invest in Bajaj Finance FD scheme. This is due to the online documentation provided via the cKYC process and online FD form that is provided on its website.

Also, your deposits grow at a 0.10% higher FD interest rate when you choose the online mode of investment. It is hard to find such a seamless and user-friendly investment process with banks.

Flexible investment options 

A bank would typically ask you to deposit a lump sum amount and the tenor range might also be not as flexible as you would get with the Bajaj Finance FD scheme. The lock-in period for your fixed deposit can vary from 12 to 60 months. Also, if you are not comfortable with lump sum investment then you can park your savings in SDP.  SDP or Systematic Deposit Plan is an investment plan from Bajaj Finance that allows you to lock in your monthly savings in a separate FD each time.

Also, you can withdraw all your deposits at once by investing in the Single Maturity Scheme or you can withdraw each deposit separately by choosing the same tenor for each deposit. The second option is made available through the Monthly Maturity Scheme. You can reap all the benefits of a regular FD scheme when you invest in Systematic Deposit Plan.

Secure investment platform 

The online FD scheme offered by Bajaj Finance gives a secure investment platform for everyone. This is quite evident from the high credit ratings conferred by CRISIL and ICRA establish that you can safely invest in any of its fixed deposit plans.

To find the FD rates applicable to the tenor and FD type you choose, you can use an FD interest rates calculator, which is available on the Bajaj Finserv website.

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