The herd’s concern must not go unheard

The NGO had raised more than 4 million pounds for elephant conservation at London

The herd’s concern must not go unheard

In order to create awareness about conservation of elephants, non-profit organisation 'The Elephant Family' has brought an elephant parade to Mumbai. The parade was inaugurated at Gateway of India by Honourable Chief Minister, Devendra Fadnavis. 

This is the first edition of the parade which gradually aims to fruitfully spread across the city. The first edition consisted of 101 elephant sculptures whose artwork had been done by skillful artists like LN Tallur, Princess Pea, Christian Louboutin, Sabyasachi Mukherjee and Masaba Guptawere.

The NGO has completed 24 such successful parades across the globe among which the London edition was their biggest art exhibition and they raised more than 4 million pounds for elephant conservation.

For the last few years, the NGO has been persistently working on spreading awareness about the endangered Asian elephants, whose numbers have drastically fallen by 90 per cent in the last 100 years.

The curator Farah Siddiqui told The Asian Age, The art here is just a medium to talk about the decreasing population. My co-curator Aqdas and I wanted to go beyond the obvious. It took us a year to bring the fashion designers and folk artists on board too.

Within the exhibition of several elephant structures, a special ‘Nirav Modi Elephant’ has been the centre of attention. The elephant goes by the name of ‘Ratnaraj’.

The major objective of the parade is to auction off the art pieces and make use of the money from the sale to build 101 passages i.e. elephant corridors. The passages are constructed in order to ensure the animals can cross the human areas safely.

The bidding of the elephants is open for all and the cap price is ₹3-5 lakh.