Let's be creatively courageous: Rouble Nagi

In an exclusive conversation with Mumbai Live, Rouble Nagi, Founder of Rouble Nagi Art Foundation, talks about her assocation with Colors TV, work in Mumbai, Aspirations for the society and a lot more.

Let's be creatively courageous: Rouble Nagi

Rouble Nagi is one of the popular names in Mumbai today as she has dedicated all her efforts to improving the lives of many Mumbaikars. Through her foundation, Rouble Nagi Arts Foundation, she and her team have completed many projects and conducted campaigns focused towards education, women empowerment, hygienic lifestyle etc. 

In a recent conversation with Mumbai Live, Rouble Nagi shared her thoughts on the collaboration, campaigns and changes she wants to bring to the city and a lot more.

Talking about the recent collaboration with Colors TV, Rouble said, "I always believe that one finds the connect, they find the connect. The foundation works a lot in the rural sector and I believe that's one place which needs a lot of support. People living there need our efforts the most. Viacom team connected with us and they told about the concept 'Shubhaarambh' and we found the concept to be beautiful. It is a message we strongly give as we teach them a lot in our Balvadi and projects with people. Another aspect was weaving the longest linen which women I work with showed a lot of interest. For me it is important to connect campaigns to work we are already pursuing. When it comes to social work, there is a lot of heart and soul in it. The campaign and our work ideology was a perfect fit."

Sharing her thought on campaigns like these and outreach it offers the foundation, she said, "We launched an initiative called 'Missal Mumbai' and it completes two years. We have more than a million volunteers from 18 states in India. Reaching out to India with a good cause always resonates. People always wanting to do something like this, but they don't have opportunity. We get a lot of queries and we address them saying that there is no criteria for social work as it is just the intention that matters. It is important to give back to the society. We have never collaborated with anyone. For me it is always about hard work and PR/marketing doesn't matter as much. A partnership matters only if it is strong and it is something on the lines of our work."

On being asked about three concerns she wishes to address through her foundation, Rouble added, "The concerns I have are not just with the city, but it matters to the entire nation. They would be education, gender equality (women empowerment) and also guiding the youth to the right platform, as we want to channelise people to utilise their time and be more efficient. I believe every village or slum is self sufficient. They should be able to get jobs in their own villages. I meet people who move to cities but do not like them. We want to educate them and make sure that get the exposure which then empowers others. Channelising them in the right direction is the significant need. It is a milestone in itself but is achievable."

Talking about her foundation's association with schools and balwadi, she said, "Most of our work at slums and villages is focused on beautification. I believe colours bring people together. We have had people who want monetary support, but we show them the bigger picture. We believe it is important to keep the slums and villages clean, and if coloured then people think twice before spitting or spoiling it. It is not 100% effective, but it definitely changes the mindset. In the larger sense, it is not just about that. Colours are important, but as a foundation, the key message for us is to bring a positive change in their mindset. We want to make sure that they understand the importance of educating the girl child, stopping domestic violence and be equally fair to the gender.  We help the understand the impact and the change it will bring to their lives. I strongly believe that even if you're not educated, but are skilled, it can help you shape your life and take care of the family. With our programs in Balvadis, we make sure that we make the kids understand this through art, and all of them attend the school too. We also run different projects and vocational training for  women where they learn additional skills."

Concluding the conversation by telling us her aspirations for the foundation, she said, "Rouble Nagi art foundation is about education through art. We believe in equality and not charity. 'Let's be creatively courageous' is all I have to tell everyone."

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