Follow These 5 Hygiene Tips if You have a Toddler at Home

Not maintaining proper hygiene around your toddler could lead to health issues like diarrhoea, a stomach infection, flu, viral and much more.

Follow These 5 Hygiene Tips if You have a Toddler at Home

When it comes to toddlers, they have low and weak immunity as compared to an adult. They are more prone to falling sick, and it can be more challenging for them to fight diseases. It becomes essential to ensure that their surroundings are clean and hygienic. By taking small steps you can prevent major diseases and illnesses.

Not maintaining proper hygiene around your toddler could lead to health issues like diarrhoea, a stomach infection, flu, viral and much more. If a stomach infection or other illness strikes, it becomes crucial to maintain a healthy diet for stomach infection and other illnesses. However, to ensure that your toddler is away from germs, it becomes a challenging ordeal as they put most things in their mouth as a reflex. As a parent, you always must be vigilant and aware. Especially, when you are on the go, you must ensure that no germ transfer takes place; hence, you must use Dettol Hand Sanitizer to kill bacteria and germs.

For years, organizations like WHO, UNICEF, NHS, and the likes have stressed on the importance of maintaining hygiene for good health. This not only applies to adults but little children as well. Here’s how you can ensure that your toddler remains healthy by keeping these hygiene tips in mind.

Ensure Toddler Hygiene

  • Wash Your Hands 

Washing hands is essential, especially when you have a toddler at home. From an early age, you must teach your child the correct steps of handwashing, as these habits go a long way. Also, make it a point to use an anti-bacterial soap such as Dettol Hand Wash, which is clinically acclaimed and the number one choice of doctors. Here are a few instances when you must ensure that your hands are washed thoroughly:

  • Before preparing and feeding food
  • Before you hold your child
  • Before and after giving a bath or changing diapers
  • Administering medicine

  • Sterilize and Sanitize 

Thanks to toddler instincts, a child’s reaction is to put their hand or whatever they find, into their mouths. You can never be too particular about maintaining cleanliness around your toddler. Make it a point to sterilize and clean toys and utensils every day. You can do this by washing them with soap under running water or boil them in water. Also, take into utmost consideration the cleanliness of the floor as toddlers tend to crawl around to get to things.

  • Ensure Through Washing  

Even though you feed your little with nutritious foods, it is not necessarily safe. There are many impurities and harmful bacteria that can be present in fruits and vegetables. Make sure to wash your vegetables and fruits under fresh running water and soak them in lukewarm water to get rid of all impurities. Make sure you eat and feed your toddler with seasonal foods. If any of the foodborne viruses enter the body of a toddler, it could cause stomach infection or diarrhoea. In such instances, ensure that diet for stomach infection and other illnesses is maintained, and you wash your hands with Dettol Hand Wash to ensure the best hygiene.

  • Clean Clothes for the Little One

Toddlers need multiple clothes changes in a day as there are various spills and dirt that accumulate. This means a pile of laundry that will collect over time. Ensure that the clothes are not washed with excess detergent as it will result in your baby to develop rashes. Also, ensure that the clothes that your child wears are not damp, as it is a breading house for germs and can cause your child to develop a cold or flu. Make sure that the clothes are dried in an airy and sunlit area.

  • Keep Water Clean 

It is extremely important that your toddler only drinks clean drinkable water. If dirty drinking water is given to toddlers, they are bound to develop stomach infection, diarrhoea, and even more severe illnesses. In such instances, ensure that the correct diet for stomach infection is followed, and your little one is given boiled drinking water, with no impurities in it.

Here’s What We Are Saying

Your toddler is the life of your house; however, to keep them healthy, follow the above tips. By maintaining hygiene, your toddler will be at the pink of their health and build a strong immunity overtime. As a parent, you must ensure that their surroundings are clean, along with healthy food and clean water is given to your toddler.