Use waste as compost and make the area pollution free


The area between Parel and Worli was basically for commercial purposes and has now become a hub for malls and shopping complexes. As a result, the people who reside nearby have to confront the adversities that rise out of increased levels of pollution.

On the other hand, seeing such a drastic rise in the increasing amount of garbage and trash, the ALM formed a community by the name of Worli Residency Welfare Association.  Since a good number of 60,000 people dwell here, a big question was posed as to how to make the area completely garbage free. Ergo, the association decided to mix the wet and dry waste together so as to make compost out of it to be used as fertiliser for the soil. Now that compost is used for gardening purposes in the premises, 400 new trees are planted and the lush greenery that blooms here today makes it look spectacular.