#MeToo takes twitter by storm, women share their horrid stories

A lot of women are sharing their sexual molestation cases using hastag "metoo"

#MeToo takes twitter by storm, women share their horrid stories

Sharing views, opinions and stories on social media have become a common practice as many topics trend on social media, with a hope to bring the change. Many women today shared their horrid encounters on Twitter as the hashtag #MeToo was trending for few hours, where they spoke about sexual abuse faced in their lifetime.

This has come in the wake of Harvey Weinstein case, where he is being accused of sexual molestation by Hollywood actors.

American actor Alyssa Milano urged people to open up about their sexual molestation cases using the words “me too” which instantly became a trend on Twitter. 

Even Anna Paquin who is a Canadian-born New Zealand actress supported the move.

Not only Alyssa, but Asia Argento, Lucia Evans, and Lysette Anthony accused Weinstein of rape, and shared their support with the hashtag.

The trend was seen in India too and many commoners today opened up with their stories, including comedian and actress Mallika Dua.

For now, police investigations have been launched against Weinstein after they received a number of allegations.

Molestation has been a part of many lives but sadly women back then did not have the courage to speak up. Thanks to Social media and platforms like Twitter, which has seeded the progressive thoughts in us, for we can now speak, raise our voice and bring a change. Hope our move, every day, brings 'Acche Din' for us tomorrow and women walk with pride and without fear, every day! 

Let's make it happen. 

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