Meet Mumbai's Braveheart, Shrawan Tiwari, who jumped on the railway track to save a man's life

The 26-year-old MBA student spotted a man on the tracks, and on finding out that he was unconscious and bleeding, jumped on the track and stopped the train to avoid death.

Meet Mumbai's Braveheart, Shrawan Tiwari, who jumped on the railway track to save a man's life

We have seen many characters in films, who have performed unbelievable acts to prove their strength and grit. Mumbai’s Charni road station also witnessed something similar when a 26-year-old student bravely stood on the railway track to stop a local train, thereby avoiding an accident which could have crushed a commuter to death.

The student identified as Shrawan Prem Tiwari was at the station, waiting on platform number 4, at 10:30 pm on Monday. Soon he realised that there was a man on the tracks at the south end of the platform. Upon investigation, he found that the man was unconscious and bleeding, with injuries to his head and limbs. Acting swiftly, Tiwari started waving at the train with a hope that it would stop, and thankfully it did, as the motorman spotted Tiwari seeking help and attention.

Giving his thought on the incident, Tiwari told Hindustan times, “I thought he was dead, but when I held my finger under his nose, I felt his breath. As I turned to get help, I saw a train that had pulled into the station and was about to start towards Marine Lines. It would have crushed the injured man. I was shouting for help, and other commuters heard me. They jumped on to the tracks and helped me carry the man off the tracks.”

Tiwari alleged that police officials present at the spot were not helpful and delayed getting the injured man.

The injured man identified as Ashwin Sawant has been admitted to Saifee hospital, who has survived. Tiwari also blamed that the police officials at the station were not very helpful and did not act quickly when needed.

The police have now been informed and the case is being investigated.

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