Mumbai's Aarohi Pandit is World's First Woman To Fly Solo across the Atlantic Ocean

It was a 3,000 km-long Light Sports Aircraft (LSA) flight that landed at Iqaluit Airport in Canada on May 14.


23-year old Aarohi Pandit, a resident of Borivali, is the world's first woman to fly solo across the Atlantic Ocean and circumnavigate from UK to Canada. It was a 3,000 km-long flight which took off from Wick, Scotland (United Kingdom) and landed at Iqaluit Airport in Canada on May 14.

She has also set another record as the first woman pilot to fly solo above the Greenland ice-cap in a Light Sports Aircraft (LSA). It was a part of Women Empower (WE) Expedition and after her landing at Canada, she was handed over the tricolour by Indian Ambassador of Canada Vikas Swarup. Her aircraft, a single-engine Sinus 912 plane, is registered under India’s Directorate General of Civil Aviation.  

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In a statement released to the press, she said that she was honoured and grateful that she could do this for her country and for women everywhere. Flying over the Atlantic Ocean is a humbling experience. It’s just you and your little plane, with the light blue sky above and the dark blue sea or shining white ice below. Certain parts were bumpy but the beauty of the ocean and the islands is breathtaking and she would do it all over again in a heartbeat! 

Notably, Pandit had to go under rigorous training for 7 months in India, Siberia, Greenland and Italy for achieving this feat.  

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