Mumbai Live celebrates Republic Day with Gully Boy style rap #ApnaDeshSudhrega

Let's celebrate India's progress on a positive note by expressing patriotism with the Gully Boy rap. Apna desh, apna sheher... Sab sudhrega! #TumseHiMumbai


#ApnaDeshSudhrega: Gully Boy rap with a tinch of patriotism this Republic Day

With hopes in our hearts and patriotism in our blood, here’s how we pay tribute to our motherland this Republic Day.
The Gully Boy music is out and we just can’t wait for the film to release. Here’s our version of the rap called #ApnaDeshSudhrega.

Where we all keep cribbing about our immediate surroundings and our country in general, touching topics like politics, religion, patriarchy, sexuality, etc., we can’t ignore the recent development in the past. Where laws and policies are changing, India is developing and improving. Big changes start with small steps and we have seen a few big transitions in the recent past.

Also, change starts at an individual level. The country will progress once we start driving that change. And looking at 2018, we can anticipate that better days are ahead.

And it’s not just our country, our city will become better. So, on a positive note, Happy Republic Day. #TumseHiMumbai

A Mumbai Live Originals Production

Concept: Shweta Andhare

Mandar Sathye
Apurva Srivastava
Shweta Suvarna

Mayyank Solanki
Kushang Dholakia
Bhoomi Joshi

Director & Colorist:
Kushang Dholakia

Mayyank Solanki

Dance Pathshala - Shivnshukla

Shweta Andhare
Yuv Raj

Executive Producer: 
Bhoomi Joshi

Assistant Producer:
Mandar Sathye

Arun Jana
Yash Kinare

Instrumental Music:

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Savio Cardoz
Sound Engineer
Vijit Mulay - Sounds Good Studio

Motion Graphics:
Vipul More

Assistant Editor:
Mayur Kshirsagar

Special Thanks:
Vinay Sharma
Arpit Verma

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