Children's Day: Revisit the games you played in your childhood

14 November is celebrated as Children's Day each year. Here we have listed down a few games that all of us played so passionately.

Children's Day: Revisit the games you played in your childhood

Mumbai is the city that never sleeps and is one of the busiest cities in the country. We all can agree that even though we have the most mesmerizing nightlife and are having the time of our lives in adulthood, we all miss our childhood.

We associate childhood with less stress and more fun. The thing that we enjoyed doing the most in childhood was playing those childhood games.

Today, on Children's Day, let us take you through a few outdoor childhood games that we miss the most. Tighten your seat belts as we are taking you on a ride of nostalgia:

1. Kho-Kho

No one has missed out on playing this game in their childhood. Right from playing it in the ground to playing it in school, this game was fun to play. Originated from India, it is one of the oldest outdoor sports. It is played between two teams, each having 12 nominated players out of 15.

2. Musical Chair

The game involves eliminating players, chairs and music. The chairs are arranged, following which music starts to play. The players then walk, and when the music stops abruptly, they run to occupy the chair. Sounds fun, right?

Fun fact: Musical Chair is also known as 'Trip to Jerusalem.'

3. Lock and key

Your legs might start paining while chasing the players but is surely a treat to play. You have to tap the player and say 'lock.' The player can not move after that unless another player tags you and says 'key.' Mind you, to actually scream the words 'lock' and 'key' because it matters ALOT!

4. Hopscotch

Hopscotch is commonly known as 'Stapoo' or, as we call it, 'Langdi.' It was a task to keep one leg up and play the entire game. Back then, this was a very common game and was played outside every household.

5. Hide And seek

Who did not enjoy playing this game? The game was addressed with different names such as 'Chupan Chupai,' 'Luka Chupi,' etc. However, the rules of the game were more or less the same. 

Other games that we never missed playing were 'lagori (also known as pittu),' 'land and water,' 'Red-letter,' 'Simon Says,' 'Sakli,' etc.

Aside from adults, it is today's generation that is missing out on playing these games. Their exposure to technology and online games have made them sit inside the four walls, and the COVID-19 pandemic has worsened the situation. 

Well, we hope these brought back some of your happy memories and children today soon realise what they are missing out on!

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