It's time for us to stop 'Phubbing' and start talking

Wondering what this new term meant? Well, ‘Phubbing’ comes from the words ‘Phone’ and ‘Snubbing’. To define, ‘Phubbing’ is the act of ignoring someone while you’re on your phone.

It's time for us to stop 'Phubbing' and start talking

We have all been ‘Phubbed’!

And whether we agree with it or not, we have done it too, knowingly or unknowingly.

How often have we sat in a social setting, being physically present but mentally absent because we find our smartphones way more entertaining than verbal conversations?

Many times, right?

Well, that’s where the problem arises. However, many of us fail to realize that this actually is a problem.

A couple of people at Sydney University realized that the biggest reason why people don’t understand the gravity of the act is that there isn’t actually a term for it. You wouldn’t take an issue seriously unless you have a word for it. And that’s how the term ‘Phubbing’ originated in 2012.

‘Phubbing’ comes from the words ‘Phone’ and ‘Snubbing’. To define, ‘Phubbing’ is the act of ignoring someone while you’re on your phone.

Here are some interesting facts about the act:

  • An average restaurant will see at least 36 cases of ‘Phubbing' per dinner session. This is equal to spending 570 days alone.
  • 97% people claim that their food tasted worse while they’re a victim of ‘Phubbing’.
  • 92% of repeat phubbers become politicians.
  • 87% teens will rather communicate via text than face-to-face.

Besides the fun facts, ‘Phubbing’, inevitably, is a common practice, with smartphones becoming a necessity more than an additional aid for a comfortable lifestyle.

Even though it seems relatively harmless, here’s what ‘phubbing’ is doing to the internet generation.

Lack of fundamental etiquettes
One thing that internet and smartphones are doing is taking away our patience, or to put it in different words, testing others’ patience, especially ones who join us at any sort of an event. We often don’t realize but ‘Phubbing’ can be offensive and rude. We fail to understand that someone who is sitting with us for a cup of a coffee, or whatever the reason may be, is actually taking out those few minutes or hours out of his precious time to spend with us. And we have easily chosen to use that brief period in scrolling through different applications on phone. Believe it or not, that accounts for disrespect.

Lack of personal connect
We tweet when it’s trending and drop a ‘Hi’ to a person sitting miles away, where we’re losing out on knowing the people in our vicinity, starting with our own family. And no matter, how real it may sound but conversations online are nothing but virtual. Today’s generation fails to understand the importance of personal connections.

Being Fake
Yes, in the digital world, everyone is a brand in himself/herself. We, accidently though, are all marketers and sellers. And even though these words sound cool in the corporate world, it isn’t a great thing to be on a personal level. Every time we log on Facebook, we have plethora of stories of people sharing their personal life out on a platter for the world to consume. And on a psychological level, it generates a lot of jealousy and hypocrisy, where we’re constantly trying to be someone else. And before even realizing it, we’re in the game trying to show that we’re the best and invincible. That’s why most of the people around us have a sense of entitlement attached to their personalities, and we’re constantly trying to fake how cool we are.

Well, ‘Phubbing’ is a vicious circle irrespective of one’s age and maturity, but one is trapped in the habit without having the slightest idea about it. However, it is known that it’s clearly not a great space to be in. If you’ve heard about this term before, it’s high time that we start practicing courtesy over diplomacy. Keep that phone aside and start having real conversations!

But if this is a new term for you, start analyzing your actions before you’re deep down the rabbit hole. Technology, indeed, can be an addiction, and remember that ‘old habits die hard.’

To know more about ‘Phubbing’, here’s an interesting website to check out:

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