RPF cop and TC saves passengers from falling on railway tracks in two different incidents


Two similar incidents were reported in the city where passengers were saved by a RPF cop and a tc at Nalasopara and Kalyan station respectively from falling in the gap between the train and platform. 

On Friday night, a 55-year-old Lata Maheshwari lost her balance while boarding a moving local train at Nalasopara railway station. But she was saved by a Railway Protection Force (RPF) inspector Gopalkumar Rai pulled her from falling into the gap between the train and platform. She was escaped with minor bruises.

Around 9:15 pm, Maheshwari and her daughter were at Nalasopara returning to their Borivli home. When they reached platform number 2, they saw a Churchgate-bound train was leaving the station. Maheshwari's daughter quickly jumped into the middle second class ladies compartment and Maheshwari followed her daughter. As she was wearing a saree, she couldnt get in running local and she lost her balance but did not let go the iron pole. She was dragged around 20 feet when Virar RPF inspector Gopalkumar Rai ran in the direction of a woman and pulled her out of the running train.

All the action was captured on the CCTV installed on the platform. Her daughter who was in train alighted at Vasai where she met her mother who was later put in another train. 

In another incident, a TC saved a mans life at Kalyan station who tried boarding Sultanpur-LTT train but could not hold the pole and start slipping. When he was about to fall in the gap, Chanchal Kumar used his presence of mind and saved a man from falling on tracks. 

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