Senior Police Inspector 'Sudhir Kudalkar' given the PETA India Award

As per reports, he rescued a 120-year-old Indian black turtle and sought help of the forest officials to return the animal safely to his natural habitat.

Senior Police Inspector 'Sudhir Kudalkar' given the PETA India Award

The People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) India in a recently shared announced, informed that the PETA India Award was given to a Senior Police Inspector from Mumbai, Sudhir Kudalkar, for rescuing a 120-year-old Indian black turtle. 

As per reports, the turtle was stuck in a muddy, weed-filled drain, which Kudalkar entered despite the knee-deep water, with the help of a torch, and placed the frightened animal in a box until he was able to consult with forest officials. He asked the concerned team about the best way to return him safely to his natural habitat.

Sharing more information, PETA India Senior Campaigns Coordinator Radhika Suryavanshi said, “Thanks to Mr Kudalkar’s compassion and presence of mind, a venerable turtle was spared an agonising ordeal. PETA India urges everyone to follow his example and always keep an eye out for animals in need.”

Kudalkar's efforts in the past have also been appreciated by PETA India and several other animal welfare organisations. He is known as an ardent animal lover and has helped several stray animals in the past. He was recently promoted and appointed as the Senior Police Inspector Of MHB Colony Police Station in Borivali West.

Kudalkar took to his Instagram account to share his gratitude. His message read, "One more feather......
Appreciation certificate by PETA..THANK YOU PETA....," to which PETA India replied, "Thank you for saving the life of the 120-year old turtle and inspiring others to help animals, too."


Turtles and tortoises are often smuggled from India, Madagascar, and Pakistan to buyers in mainland China and Hong Kong. Endangered species are considered particularly valuable on the black market, and corruption at some airports eases the smuggling process. Others are trafficked into the exotic-pet trade, even though they are protected under international law.

This turtle is one of around 2,000 animals, including 16 blind dogs, reportedly saved by Kudalkar through his rescue organisation, Pure Animal Lovers.

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