Sydenham College hosts SOBO’s biggest pet adoption carnival ‘Paws and Furs’

The camp was organised by the BMS Department of Sydenham College, Churchgate as a part of a social cause event of their inter-collegiate fest ‘Yountre’ and brought in 20 adorable Indian breed puppies and kittens for adoption

Sydenham College hosts SOBO’s biggest pet adoption carnival ‘Paws and Furs’

Sydenham College of Commerce and Economics, Churchgate hosted South Bombay’s biggest pet adoption carnival called as ‘Paws and Furs’ on Saturday, January 4. The camp was organised by the Bachelors of Media Studies (BMS) department and was held in the college premises.

Paws and Furs is a social awakening programme which aims at promoting compassion towards animals amongst the Indian citizens. This year marked the second edition of the pet adoption camp in association with ‘World For All’, a Mumbai-based animal welfare NGO that specializes in rescuing of stray cats and dogs in the city. It was a part of a pre-event for YounTre, the inter-collegiate cultural BMS festival of Sydenham College.

The camp brought in 20 adorable Indian breed puppies and kittens who found their forever home.

 All the animals were extremely healthy and vaccinated. The event gathered a footfall of about 500 people, mainly including the youth. 

The crowd was ecstatic upon seeing the animals all decked up on cute exhibit stalls. Everyone seemed to be enjoying the animals, especially the pugs and kittens. 

Some of were seen petting the creatures while the rest were enjoying the aesthetic display of animal merchandise and supplies.

The inauguration ceremony of YounTre kicked off with the launch of Paws and Furs. The BMS Head of Department Mr. P.A. Pachgade addressed the crowd and congratulated the crew for setting up the event. Among the chief guests were CID fame Shraddha Musale, MTV brand manager Chintan Mehta and fashion designer Mansi Kapadia.

“Animals are the biggest tip-offs. Who doesn’t like them? Everyone was so looking forward to it that we didn’t have to work much on publicizing the event," said Ralph Fernandes, the PR head of YounTre ’18. “It was like a spark that attracted almost everyone we know,” he added with a grin.

Chintan told Mumbai Live, “It is a commendable initiative. Adopting a pet comes with great responsibility. I hope the adopters take good care of the animals they’re taking home today!”

“Having a social cause connect with a college fest is a great way to start off a fest. It is a wonderful two-way process, the college draws more footfall for their fest events and at the same time the social cause also gets some mileage and awareness is created,” said Mansi who came across as a cat lover herself.

"We’re glad to receive such a warm response from the crowd. They’re really loving the animals,” said Arjun Dubey, a World For All volunteer.

YounTre is an annual inter-collegiate festival hosted by the BMS department of Sydenham College. The term YounTré is an abbreviation of two words namely 'Young' and 'Entrepreneurs'. The theme for YounTré 2017 is 'Entrepreneurship'. The core values of this event revolve around the principle concept of 'Value Creation through Education' and aims at imparting the best of management world and entrepreneurship to the participants.

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