Ten things to do at home during this lockdown

Ten things to do at home during this lockdown maintaining social distancing.

Ten things to do at home during this lockdown

The coronavirus has altered the way we used to live our lives. With the country being in an extended lockdown, the coronavirus has altered the way we work, play and learn. While some of us have the comfort of staying home in our lives, let us figure out a way to use the time that we get diligently in order to not take it for granted. Down below are 10 things to do at home during this lockdown.

  • Spend time with your family – Let’s begin with the basics first. The country is suffering a massive humanitarian crisis with the ongoing plight of the migrant workers. The time that we have is therefore invaluable and we might never get it back again once the coronavirus is defeated.
  • Read a book – In the generation of smartphones, we have forgotten how to appreciate what is in print. While the print industry has suffered massively during this lockdown period, the written word on paper is timeless. Grab a book that you have always wanted to read and finish it.
  • Cook a meal – Cook a meal for your family and share it together. This will give you the joy of sharing dinner with your family members and help you avoid ordering in.
  • Watch a documentary – If you are in a mood for something cerebral you can always research the topics that intrigue you. Chances are you are going to find a documentary on similar lines that you can enjoy.
  • Maybe learn a language – Learning a language is always an ambitious decision. However, thanks to the digital age we can easily find visual content on foreign catch phases. This can help us build initial interest in a foreign language and delve into that space better.
  • Exercising – It is no secret and exercising releases the happy hormones. As a result of being stuck in the house, not many of us are able to go to the community parks or the gyms. However, maybe even a walk around the terrace or a little yoga in your room could definitely make you feel better and release the endorphins.
  • Organize the cupboards – We all have that one cupboard in the house that is cluttered. Get your hands dirty and get into it. Organizing can sometimes even be therapeutic to an individual’s mind.   
  • Take care of your mental health – What is important right now is to make sure that negative thoughts or uncertainties about the future do not bring us down. It is important to remember that the world is in this together and we are all fighting this pandemic. Do whatever makes you happy and take care of yourself first.
  • Listen to good music – If you are at all bogged on by any thoughts, many legendary people over the years have suggested listening to music to help you get into better mind space.
  • Help others – In whatever capacities you can, try to help others. Maybe feed the strays on the road if you are out for a grocery run or help your old neighbour get her medicines. With social distancing and proper knowledge, we can do more with our privilege and help the ones in need.