Maharashtra Election Results 2019: Memes that cracked us up

Maharashtra Election Results 2019: Memes that cracked us up

Maharashtra State Assembly Elections was one of the most anticipated events of the year.  It was an event where some candidates won as expected and some did not. With Aditya Thackeray contesting in the assembly polls this year, many followers of Shiv Sena, were anticipating a difference with his victory. But as expected, BJP won the elections once again and the saffron flag still flies high. However, with the BJP-Shiv Sena alliance strengthening in Maharashtra, it would be interesting to see the new set of ministers. More importantly, party members and the common citizens are keen to know about the new Chief MInister of Maharashtra, and also the developments of the new alliance in the state. 

Besides the results of both the above-mentioned parties, Congress and NCP also garnered votes. Rumours also state that Shiv Sena may join the Congress-NCP alliance, however, there is no official confirmation regarding the same. While parties were tensed all day with the chaos, Twitterati was enjoying their way on social media platform by sharing their thoughts on parties, members and the polls. 

Here are some tweets which cracked us up yesterday.