I Became Less Religious After I Visited India: Nas Daily at his meetup in Mumbai

Nuseir Yassin (Nas Daily) is a video content creator with over 12 million followers on Facebook. The meetup witnessed hundreds of fans of Nas gathering around and conversing with him at Juhu Beach in Mumbai


Nuseir Yassin popularly known for his content page 'Nas Daily' has hit a chord with everyone with his 1-minute videos covering a plethora of human-centric topics and issues from all over the globe. Along with the tagline 'that's 1 minute see you tomorrow' at the end of all videos, he is more popular among the masses for the meetups that he holds to interact personally with everyone. 

One such meetup was held at Juhu Beach near J W Marriott Hotel in Mumbai on June 3. He informed the people about his meetup through his Facebook page on June 2. The meetup was divided into 3 parts with the first one being a Q&A with him. The second part was where he asked people about what's unique in Mumbai and India followed by a video recording with the people. Nas, who has over 12 million followers on Facebook celebrated his 1 million followers on Instagram with Mumbaikars. 

Among all the ideas that people gave him, the idea of making a video featuring 'Mumbai's Dabbawalas' sparked his interest. He further said that after coming to India he became less religious after he saw that people followed over a million Gods.

He further spoke about his inspiration and being his candid best, he revealed his future plans of making more videos. "I have over millions of eyes, I need another million dollars to combine both and create the best out of it." 

Nas is an epitome of perseverance as he has made a 1-minute video every single day for 1000 days, that is working persistently for over 3 years. Looking up to him, many people are inspired and believe they can achieve something spectacular as well in their respective fields. Even though it was a brief meetup, it has definitely left an ever-lasting impact on his followers in Mumbai.  

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