Here's What Mumbaikars Want In 2020

Mumbai witnessed major issues in 2019, from Aarey Forest issue to floods.


2020 is just around the corner. We asked Mumbaikars on what changes they would love to see in the New Year. There were plenty of issues that Mumbai had to face in 2019, from Aarey Forest issue to floods. Moreover, the laxity and inability of railways came into the picture after several people lost their lives due to overcrowded trains, the recent one being when Dombivli's Charmi Pasad died due to boarding overcrowded trains.  

Talking about a plethora of issues, one of the students from R.A. Poddar said, 

Aarey is a crucial green cover for Mumbaikars and it definitely should not be cut. My expectations from Mumbai in 2020 would be that people from other sports apart from cricket also get due recognition. People give more impetus just to cricket, I would love it people give importance to sports like Kabaddi, Handball and basketball as well. 

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Further talking about women's issue in Mumbai, a teacher said, 

As compared to other cities, Mumbai is comparatively safer but we cannot ignore the staggering rate in which the number of rape cases is increasing. 

Many people even said that they are very happy and grateful for what Mumbai has provided them with. There were contradictions over topics like Aarey and Metro, however, the traffic and pothole mayhem is something every Mumbaikars face and agree upon. They suggested solutions like increasing the frequency of trains which, in turn, will reduce the overcrowding and appealed to other people for using public transport instead of private vehicles. 

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