A Hammer, Shovel, Scooter and a Sack of Asphalt Is All It Takes For Mumbai's 'Pothole Warriors' To Solve The Pothole Problem

Irrfan Macchiwala and Mushtaq Ansari aka 'pothole warriors' explained the issues that grip Mumbai during monsoon in this exclusive interview with Mumbai Live.


How many times have we stopped blaming the authorities and tried to solve the problem by ourself? Sadly, not many will have an affirmative answer to his but it's not the same for this duo- Irrfan Macchiwala and Mushtaq Ansari aka 'pothole warriors.' Mumbai's monsoon is synonymous with potholes which can sometimes prove to be fatal.

The duo was in complete shock after the death of Dr. Amarpurkar in 2017 due to a pothole which resulted in an uproar by the people. The figures for total deaths due to such an avoidable reason were staggering and clearly shows the laxity of the authorities. Irrfan and Mushtaq stepped up and took the matter in their hand. 

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With a candid chat with Mumbai Live, Irrfan Macchiwala while filling the pothole said, "People are not aware that which jurisdiction does the road come under and whether they should report the problem to Brihanmumbai Municipal Corporation (BMC), Public Works Department (PWD) or Mumbai Metropolitan Region Development Authority (MMRDA). Though BMC has now provided a helpline number and an application to report the problem, people can connect with us on social media and we'll fill the potholes." 

Mushtaq Ansari further said, "The authorities have been cooperative with us and even citizens should realise that instead of playing the blame-game they should step up and do something for the betterment of everyone. We have bootstrapped the entire initiative and filled hundreds of potholes especially on the Western Express Highway. We believe in the motto- Each One, Fill One. People can reach out to us at our twitter handle- Pothole Warriors."  

Along with filling over 120 potholes till date, they are now actively making people aware about it and now solving the problem of manholes. 

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