Why is project-based learning like a photo without a filter?

Why is project-based learning like a photo without a filter?

Project-based learning sounds like something that would bore you, just like school. But it is the exact opposite of that! Project-based learning is like a photo without a filter because it gives you an idea of the real deal. The imperfections and flaws as well the better features are revealed while using project-based learning.

What do you mean by project-based learning?

If the textbook is a lesson, then project-based learning is the way to learn it. It is the equivalent of experiments conducted in school. It is the method of gaining knowledge by practical applications. You can understand concepts better through real-world experiences. The freedom of creativity and innovation will help you discover your passions and interests. The old-school way of learning is out and this is in!

Some examples of project-based learning are developing science experiments like volcanos or potato clocks, creating models of DNA or solar system and sometimes these may also include finding practical solutions to world problems like recycling plastic to create another product or finding solutions to other environmental problems. Project-based learning has the key to unlock your potential. You can dare to dream and unlock the scientist, environmentalist, engineer, physicist, and the world-leader in you.

Why is project-based learning good? 

Here is why learning is more fun for you with project-based learning.

  • Improve mental skills – Reading faster or doing maths right are just some of the skills that school teaches you. There are a lot more skills required to function in the real world. Presence of mind, quick decision making, kindling curiosity are some of the skills that can help your brilliant minds become smarter and sharper. Skills are categorized into Lower Order Thinking Skills and Higher Order Thinking Skills. Both these skills are important and get better with project-based learning.
  • Do it your way – If you are asked to make a volcano as a project, you are given the freedom to choose the way you can make it erupt! Project-based learning allows you to take a path best suited to your capabilities rather than forcing you on one path only.
  • Promotes creativity and independence – If you paint the sun blue in the solar system, the science teacher is going to lose it. However, if you try doing this in the art class then you will get appreciated for your imagination and creativity! Learning without the help of parents and thinking out of the box makes you unique and more confident.
  • Help identify interests – A task comprises many elements. For example, making a solar system includes painting, creating shapes, keeping them together, and a lot of other smaller tasks. You can be on the lookout for a particular activity that sparks your interest. This helps you understand what your interests are.
  • Challenging – Why do you like video games more than studying? Apart from being fun, they challenge you constantly. You are capable individuals who like to push your limits. This method of learning challenges you to think and overcome hurdles without restricting you in any way.
  • Fun and games – Learning is more effective when it is fun. It is easier to remember the concepts.  This way of learning ensures you understand the most difficult of problems easily and remember information.

Are there any drawbacks of project-based learning?

  • Time-consuming – Unlike the traditional way, the information is not presented to you ready to be absorbed. The research and execution of ideas require time. The process of solving problems and coming up with creative ways to present requires time as well. Young minds like yours should not be rushed and given enough space to explore ideas and arrive at solutions.
  • Consistency – Every project requires consistency and if there is a lack of interest, your pace might change and you might slow down. Your consistency might differ depending on other external factors as well.

What are project-based learning activities?

  • Script your TED talk – This activity will help you identify your interests and ensure you research the topic thoroughly. The information gathered can be a part of the script. This also helps you express yourself and communicate better.
  • Make a movie or an infographic – Pick a topic you are aware of and make a movie or an infographic about the same.
  • Create a photo essay – Pictures are powerful and they can help you understand concepts better.

The effectiveness of this method depends on you and your involvement in the method. That is why, irrespective of studying the pros and cons, there are no definite results that can be considered to decide the effectiveness. The best app for teens that uses this method of imparting knowledge is Uable App. On the Uable app, you can discover yourselves and get ready for the world, while learning!

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