World Hunger Day: 5 Non-Profits That Are Making A Difference

From Robinhood Army to We Can We Will Foundation, here is the list of top 5 non-profits that are trying to provide basic nutrition to the underprivileged.

World Hunger Day: 5 Non-Profits That Are Making A Difference

Hunger is much more than missing a meal, it's a crisis that has affected over billions across the globe. The world is full of paradoxes where at one point, people will waste humongous amounts of food at weddings and restaurants and at the other end there will be millions going to bed without their meal. Underprivileged kids usually suffer the most and lack basic nutrition even during their growing years which leads to more health problems in their adulthood. 

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On the occasion of the establishment of the Food and Agriculture Organisation (FAO) in the United Nations (UN) on October 16, 1945, World Hunger Day is celebrated on this day worldwide. Various awareness programs are conducted globally. 

1. Robinhood Army

Everyone is aware of the amount of food that goes wasted during weddings and at hotels. All this waste finally goes into the dump even after so many people in the area would go to sleep empty stomach. But, no more! Robinhood Army now acts as a mediator between the two and provides the surplus food to the underprivileged. Founded in 2014 by Neel Ghose and Anand Sinha, Robinhood Army is a volunteer-based zero funds organisation. The organisation consists of over 33,500 volunteers spread across in 150 cities, and have served food to over 16.7 million people so far.

2. Feeding India

Feeding India has a network of over 22,500 volunteers which are present across 100 cities in India and has served 31 million + meals to people in need. Their beneficiaries include but are not limited to - children, women, the elderly, specially-abled and migrant labourers. Through their five key programs and with the help of their volunteers or hunger heroes as they are famously called, they redistribute surplus healthy meals to those who don’t have adequate or regular access to it.

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3. We Can We Will Foundation

"There are genuinely sufficient resources in the world to ensure that no one, nowhere, at no time, should go hungry.” -Ed Asner.

We Can We Will Foundation continuously thrives to provide basic nutrition to every segment of society. They serve food at Bhabrekar Nagar, Shatabdi Hospital and Siddharth Hospital as these government hospitals are occupied by patients and their relatives which find it difficult to afford anything beyond the food that the hospital provides. Some patients are from outskirts and its impossible for their relatives to be by their side at this gruesome hour, therefore, their volunteers give them food, spend some time with them and ask about their well being.

Started by Pankaj Thakkar when he was just 18, this youth-based non-profit in Mumbai impacts over 800 people in a week. Along with teaching and serving food to underprivileged kids, they also serve food at government hospitals and labourers. Conceptualised by Harsh Mehta and Krupa Thakkar, this non-profit further teaches kids from government schools with collaborating with college students. 

4. Akshay Patra Foundation

The Akshaya Patra Foundation is a non-profit organisation in India that runs the school lunch programme across India. The organisation was established in 2000. It aims to counter classroom hunger and aid in the education of children. It feeds 17,62,133 children every day across India.

5. Roti Bank 

Mumbai Roti Bank, a food rescue wing by the Mumbai Dabbawalas, lets you donate your surplus food to the needy. Every night the organisation collects food from events, functions, and restaurants and distributes it in the nearby slums. The food is collected by the members of the Mumbai Dabbawallas Organisation.

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