Cricket lovers throng CCI......

Cricket lovers throng CCI......

Churchgate- It was a routine practice match between the visiting England side and India XI at the Brabourne stadium. It was also the last time that MS Dhoni was leading the Indian ODI side.

But the scenes outside forced people to believe that this was an ODI being played at CCI.
For a day-night encounter starting at 1.30pm, cricket crazy fans made a frenzy since 6 am. Mumbai police had made the requisite arrangements but even they were surprised to see people queuing up for almost 2km.
Like any other international match, spectators were not allowed to take their bags and bottles inside the stadium. With the entry free for all, this problem was solved by the people themselves as they piled up their bags at the bus stops outside CCI and got to their seats in a carefree manner.
The fans were chanting Dhoni all the way during the match.
MSD still has a spectacular effect on cricket lovers.