Here are the winners of Tata Mumbai Marathon 2020

While Derara Hurisa from Ethiopia won the International Elite Full Marathon Men's category, Srinu Bugatha and Sudha Singh were announced the winners in the Indian Elite Full Marathon Men's and Women's category.

Here are the winners of Tata Mumbai Marathon 2020

Mumbai's popular event, Tata Mumbai Marathon 2020, was held successfully on Sunday, January 19, 2020, where more than 55,000 participated in the run. The event was held in 4 categories - dream run, 10k, 21k and 42k.

Debutant runner at Tata Mumbai Marathon, Derara Hurisa, from Ethiopia won the International Elite Full Marathon Men's category. The Indian Elite Full Marathon was won by Srinu Bugatha and Sudha Singh in the Men's and Women's category. While Hurisa was not in the lists of favourites, his win came as a surprise as he completed the course in a record of 2:08:09 seconds. He has felicitated with US $45,000 and a US $15,000 as a course record bonus. 

Appranrely, he won the race in borrowed shoes and while talking about the win, he said,  "I mislaid my shoes while travelling from Addis Ababa to Mumbai earlier in the week so I borrowed some shoes from my friend Abraham Girma (who was also in the marathon) so I only tried them on for the first time yesterday. As for the money, I was only thinking about running well and trying to win during the race but now I will obviously start planning on what I am going to do with it.”

Srinu Bugatha, an army man, participated in the full marathon for the first time, and finished by clocking 2:18:44 seconds, while Arjuna Awardee winner, Sudha Singh won with a timing of 2:45:30 seconds. Sharing her joy about the win, Sudha Singh said, “My aim was to make a hat-trick this year. The route was also good. I attained my best timings last year but the climate was humid and hot, whereas the weather was more suitable this time. My overall experience was good. I also wanted to thank my coach, Bijendra Singh, for guiding me throughout.” 

Bugatha expressed his joy and said, "I am thankful to my pacers for their help. I am happy but I feel I would have clocked a better timing than this. My pace dropped at the last kilometre and I couldn't make a proper recovery from that. Regardless, I am looking forward to performing better in my upcoming marathons."

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Here's the list of the winners of Tata Mumbai Marathon 2020.

International Elite Full Marathon (Men)

  • Derara Hurisa (ETH) 2:08:09 
  • Ayele Abshero (ETH) 2:08:20
  • Birhanu Teshome (ETH) 2:08:26
  • Jackson Kiprop (UGA) 2:08:41
  • Abdi Ali (BRN) 2:08:56
  • Paul Maina (KEN) 2:09:01
  • Abera Kuma (ETH) 2:09:15
  • Kebede Wami (ETH) 2:10:04
  • Merhawi Kesete (ERI) 2:10:36
  • Bira Seboka (ETH) 2:10:37 

International Elite Full Marathon (Women)

  • Amane Beriso (ETH) 2:24:51
  • Rodah Jepkorir (KEN) 2:27:14
  • Haven Hailu (ETH) 2:28:55
  • Fetale Dejene (ETH) 2:30:11
  • Maeregu Hayelom (ETH) 2:31:26
  • Mulu Gadise (ETH) 2:31:53
  • Askale Alemaheyu (ETH) 2:33:05
  • Motu Megersa ETH) 2:36.01
  • Meseret Gebre (ETH) 2:40:14
  • Sudha Singh (IND) 2:45:30 

Indian Elite Athlete (Men)

  • Srinu Bugatha 02:18:44
  • Sher Singh 02:24:00
  • Durga Bahadur Budha 02:24:03
  • Ravi Prakash 02:24:32
  • Rahul Pal 02:26:56
  • Pradeep Singh Chaudhary 02:29:27
  • Mohit Rathore 02:31:16
  • Sanvroo Yadav 02:31:53
  • Sanjay Kaira 02:52:30

Indian Elite Athlete (Women)

  • Sudha Singh 02:45:30
  • Jyoti Gawate 02:49:14
  • Shyamali Singh 02:58:44
  • Ritu Pal 03:04:33
  • Jigmet Dolma 03:05:11
  • Tsetan Dolkar 03:05:14
  • Arpita Saini 03:14:20