An Interesting Gorandhas Upnagar Sheild Cricket Tournament took place on Monday at Azad Maidan.

The tournament had Kandivali Cricket Association competing against Our Cricket Club, wherein Our CC lost by 4 wickets in the semi-finals. The Semi-Final’s audience witnessed a great competition between both the teams. Yogesh Poojari was credited for the winning of his team by making continuous 72 runs in the finals. Kandivali Cricket Association gained the winner’s position in 20 over game.

Sushant Manjrekar, Amit Rathod and Dushan Kadam are considered to be the true contributors towards their victory in finals. The three players paved way towards the victory by pulling off 6 sixers in the game. Similarly Poojari and Karndhar Umang Shah’s duo changed the scenario of the score board. The two players by scoring 5-6 runs at each ball and had maintained 19.3 as the run-rate. The duo together made 61 runs after which Poojari managed to stretch it till 72 by scoring 7 fours throughout the game.

Khar Gymkhana scored 140 runs in 6 wickets where player Priyank Shetty remarkably scored 74 runs in the quarter-finals. Yogi CC’s energetic player Ravindra Vishwakarma continuously scored 72 runs which led them to semi-finals.

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