Impact Wrestling lands in Mumbai

    Impact Wrestling lands in Mumbai
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    North American Wrestling brand, Impact Wrestling, formerly known as Total Nonstop Action (TNA), is promoting the brand in India and has organised a promotional show in Mumbai.">#SheraShuffle is best enjoyed with friends :-)">#MahabaliShera">@IMPACTWrestling">@SonySIX">#IMPACTWrestling">#SonySIX">#travel">#friends">#tour">

    — Mahabali Shera (@MahabaliShera)">May 29, 2017

    Four special episodes of the sport will be shot at Mumbai's Film City this week and will be distributed across the globe. Indian wrestler Mahabali Shera will be a part of this event and it is a huge deal for him and all of India. Last year, the organisation got some of its talents to India for a one-off live event. This year, it will be shooting the episodes with known names like Mahabali Shera, Sonjay Dutt, Alberto El Patron, Bobby Lashley, James Storm, Ethan Carter III, Davey Richards, Eddie Edwards, and Low Ki facing off in a specially-built wrestling arena at Film City.

    Monumental times ahead!">#gatewayofindia">#MahabaliShera">@Sienna">@IMPACTWrestling">@SonySIXtv">#IMPACTWrestling">#SonySIX">#travel">#friends">#tour">

    — Mahabali Shera (@MahabaliShera)">May 29, 2017

    Mumbai Live got in touch with Mahabali Shera and he has expressed his delight at getting an opportunity to perform in his home country. “I am very happy for my fans. Wrestling in India has been a dream for me and now it’s about to be fulfilled. I haven’t been able to sleep calmly in the last 15 days. I’ve been too anxious about the event. All I do is train and maintain my diet,” said Shera.

    25 Eggs Every day

    He spoke about his life before Impact Wrestling and how he was surprised with his introduction there. A Kabaddi player, Shera once participated in a bodybuilding competition and one thing led to another and Impact Wrestling happened.
    “I eat 25-30 eggs every day along with a 2-hour-workout. Stamina is the most important factor in fitness and I take it very seriously,” says Shera about his diet and fitness plan. He eats boiled chicken without adding any salt or pepper.">#MahabaliShera talks about">#fans in">#India and their">#passion for">#wrestling and">#cricket">@IMPACTWRESTLING">@SonySIX">#IMPACTIndia">#culture">

    — Mahabali Shera (@MahabaliShera)">May 27, 2017

    Impact Wrestling is not WWE

    “WWE and Impact Wrestling are completely different. WWE is absolutely staged whereas Impact Wrestling has many real segments which fans enjoy more,” claimed the muscle man.">#IMPACTIndia">#KM">#ImpactWrestling">

    — KM (@2CockyKM)">May 29, 2017

    Do not try this at home

    “I’ve changed my look recently and you can see me sporting a beard. Fans have been calling me ‘Baahubali’ recently. I don’t mind fans following my look but don’t imitate the actions we perform in the wrestling ring. We are trained wrestlers and have tremendous experience in this field. We strongly urge fans to not copy us at home or anywhere else,” he cautions.

    We look forward to seeing Impact Wrestling make an impact in Mumbai!

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