Mukund bats for 4320 minutes!

Mukund bats for 4320 minutes!

Shivaji Park- Hanif Mohammad batted for 970 mins at Bridgetown, Barbados versus the West Indies in 1958 to set a record of the longest individual innings. 

But young Mukund Gawade who walks, eats and sleeps cricket dreamt of batting for 100 hours, to pay tribute to his hero Sachin Tendulkar and also to help Adivasi community. However, he could not pust past 72 hours as he put down his bat exhausted but making the country proud. This was a display of stunning patience and immense endurance.

 He started batting on Wednesday at Shivaji Park and finished on Saturday midnight around 2.30 am.

“I felt bad that I was really close in completing the set hours. When I went for the first time at Penan village, I saw the students who walk 6-7 km to reach home. They lack basic facilties and hence I decided to help them.

 Whatever donations we will get,  will be donated to build the library for these adivasi students. Along with this, we will provide computers as well,” said Mukund Gawade. Mukund was supported by his family and friends. His cause was supported by politicians and Swatantrya Sawarkar Smarak who will provide books to the library of Penan village.

Apart from international cricket, earlier attempts were made for such long innings.

 In 2016 Eric Dusingizimana, the Rwandan national captain, had earlier set a new world record by batting out a straight 51 hours, the longest individual net session, beating the record set last year by India's Virag Mane, who had batted a straight 50 hr 4 mins 51 sec in Pune, Maharashtra, India, from 22 to 24 December 2015.

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