The only monsoon league in the world delayed due to shortage of rain

    The only monsoon league in the world delayed due to shortage of rain
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    Let me humour you, the only monsoon cricket league in the world was cancelled due to lack of heavy rain and this happened in Mumbai. Yes, you heard that right!

    Mumbai Cricket Association (MCA) cancelled the opening ‘Kanga Cricket League’ games due to the inadequacy of heavy rain. The matches were set to roll out on Sunday, July 9.

    It is common for matches to get cancelled due to heavy rain as the tournament is played between July and October when the rain is pouring down heavy in Mumbai. But to everyone’s surprise, this time, the opening matches were cancelled because there was no rain.

    All the Matches of Dr HD Kanga League(A to D Div) on 9th July '17 are CANCELLED due to shortage of rains most grounds are underprepared.

    — Mumbai Cricket (MCA) (@MumbaiCricAssoc) July 8, 2017

    As reported in Mid-day, Parsee Gymkhana's vice-president Khodadad Yezdegardi was surprised with MCA's decision but admitted that the match gave his players good match practice.

    "MCA's decision is ridiculous. The reason they cited to cancel matches is the worst anyone can give. If they are cancelling matches due to the shortage of rain, then when is the ideal time to hold the league? This is really disgusting. All grounds are dry and ready for matches," Yezdegardi told mid-day yesterday.

    MCA claimed that most of the wickets were underprepared. The league is expected to begin next Sunday.

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