Mumbai Rockets blank Delhi Acers at PBL

Mumbai Rockets blank Delhi Acers at PBL

Worli- Playing on home turf, Mumbai rockets thrashed defending champions Delhi Acers 6/-1 in their PBL encounter at NSCI, Mumbai yesterday.

Heavyweights including HS Prannoy, Ajay Jayaram Sung Ji Hyun gave a clinical performance to beat the star studded Delhi Acers team.
In the first match Mumbai's Ajya Jayaram took on Delhi's Jan Jorgensen. This was called as the trump match by the Delhi Acers. As per the format and rules of PBL if a team calls for a trump match, it gets 2 points for a win and loses a point in case of a loss. Jayaram beat Jorgensen 15-14,11-4 and Mumbai took a lead nof 1/-1. HS Pronoy won the next match and the mixed doubles pair of Lee/ Nadiezda Zieba continued the winning streak.
The icing on the cake was when doubles pair of Lee/Nipithphon beat Ivanov/Sozonov 11-9, 11-9 and gave Mumbai Rockets a 6/-1 victory.
Hyderabad Hunters take on Mumbai Rockets today.