Junior College girl injured during a kickboxing competition given no medical help by the organisers


Kaveri Singh, a Somaiya college student, was injured during a school kickboxing competition organised by Mumbai Suburban Kickboxing Association on Sunday.

Kaveri took a hit to the eye and was gravely injured as she had a concussion. Even though the girl was injured during the competition, the organisers didn’t pay attention to her and didn’t help her in any way according to her coach. They also said that DSO doesn’t really pay much attention to the health of students participating in their competitions as there’s no emergency medical service available or any doctors at the venue.

When the girl was injured, basic first aid wasn’t provided as well.

She was later taken to a doctor and they said that there was a blood clot in her eye and that’s the reason for her eye to swell up. Her parents said that she puked a couple of times at home and also felt a bit dizzy because of the condition.

Kaveri is an FYJC student and has been practicing kickboxing for the last four years.

Such incidents should be addressed by the District Sports Officer. Is students’ health not important?Kickboxing is quite popular among students but if the organisers don’t make proper arrangements, how will students compete? The organisers need to be more responsible and keep medical help ready at such an event. There was absolutely no medical help available. My coach didn’t force me to compete and as they noticed that I was severely injured, I was helped by them,” Kaveri Singh told Mumbai Live.

Every year, we organise such competitions and keep a first-aid kit handy. We are not very well funded by DSO so whatever amount we get, we spend it on tables, speakers, and other amenities. When Kaveri was injured, we stopped the fight but her coach pressurized her to continue fighting,” Suburban Kickboxing president ,Santosh Khandare. 

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