5 Best Milk Delivery Apps in Mumbai

5 Best Milk Delivery Apps in Mumbai

While there are online services like Amazon Pantry, Big Basket, Flipkart, DMart, and many others for groceries and other essentials, picking the right app for daily essentials like milk, eggs, and bread can be quite tricky. 

This comes as Mumbaikars are looking for viable alternatives to in-person shopping, particularly given the COVID-19 pandemic which has already taken the lives of over 20,000 in Maharashtra so far. So which are some of the best apps to get milk, bread, eggs or other groceries delivered to your doorstep? 

Let’s find out. 

1) SuprDaily

This is a very popular app available for both major mobile platforms wherein Mumbaikars can order milk and other essentials like bread every day. Users can schedule orders to arrive at a certain point in the day, while the app allows you to track pending orders. 

SuprDaily claims that it can deliver your milk and other groceries by 7 AM every day as long as you order before 11 PM the previous day. There’s no minimum order on SuprDaily, so customers can even order one or two items at a time.

Download: Android / iOS

2) BBDaily

BBDaily is a daily essentials delivery service by the makers of popular grocery delivery platform BigBasket. BBDaily offers a subscription service for milk while there’s a built-in wallet to add money in order to deduct it against milk subscriptions. All your transaction histories are stored on the app, allowing you to check older subscriptions at a glance. BBDaily is available on Android and iOS platforms.

Download: Android / iOS

3) DailyNinja

Similar to BBDaily, DailyNinja lets you subscribe to daily essentials like milk, bread, eggs, and other groceries. There’s even a built-in wallet here to add money that will pay towards your new or existing subscriptions. The free Android and iPhone apps make it extremely easy to manage your orders or update subscriptions. 

Download: Android / iOS

4) Country Delight

Country Delight is a Gurugram based milk and essentials service that has spread out to cities like Mumbai and Bangalore not too long ago. This is among the most popular online milk providers in the city, thanks largely to the promise of fresh and unadulterated milk. 

First-time subscribers of Country Delight will even get a testing kit to check for impurities in the milk. All you need to do to get started is register your name and mobile number within the Country Delight app and select your precise address for home delivery before making the payment. 

In addition to fresh milk, Country Delight also offers delivery of bread and eggs either daily or in the frequency of the customer’s choosing. 

Download: Android / iOS

5) AwesomeDairy

This is yet another popular daily essentials service operating in Mumbai and its nearby localities. Customers can place orders for milk, bread, eggs, as well as groceries via AwesomeDairy. 

Further, users can switch between items produced by top brands and those procured from local dairies or farms, thus offering a wide range of products to choose from. AwesomeDairy only has an Android app with no iPhone app available as of now. However, iPhone users can use AwesomeDairy over a browser page. 

Download: Android