Fire Brigade's 'Building Mapping' software

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    Fire Brigade's 'Building Mapping' software
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    Mumbai- Two fire incidents were reported in Mumbai in a span of two days. This has raised serious concerns over the safety measures undertaken by fire brigade department and the societies. Following the fire incidents, fire brigade department has created new software ‘Building Mapping’. This software will have details of the buildings in whole such as, year of construction, how many floors are there, is it old or new, fire safety provisions are there or not. Along with this, Maintenance’s B form and NOC will also be linked to the website and this will be open for the public to access on BMC website. "With the help of this website, we will get to know if society follows fire safety provision or not. Likewise, we will take action against the buildings who do not follow the norms", said Chief Fire Officer Prabhat Rahangdale

    70 officers to survey the building

    70 officers have been appointed to carry out the survey. As this software will be android free, these officers will be able to send pictures of the societies who do not have fire safety provisions. These pictures then will be able to link up with the software.

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