Say 'Hello' to Orkut's new social media platform

The new venture is dedicated to creating connections based on your experiences, passion and interests. It is currently running in a beta-version in India and has 5,000-10,000 downloads till date

Say 'Hello' to Orkut's new social media platform

Remember Orkut? If you’re a 90s soul, there’s a solid chance that it has been your companion in your teenage years. Before Facebook and Twitter were a thing, Orkut was the king of social network platforms and had the second highest number of users from India. When Google pulled the plug on Orkut in 2014, it led to mixed emotions and reactions as it was the first social media platform that people had signed up for back in the day. 

But good news! If you miss Orkut, a new app is coming up to continue the legacy!

What’s the story?

The founder of Orkut is now planning to unveil a new app-centric social media platform ‘Hello’ in India within the next two months, on the lines of Orkut. The beta version of the ‘Hello’ platform has been available in the country for a few months now and already has 5,000-10,000 downloads in its Indian beta version till date.

Highlights of ‘Hello’

Interest-based filters allow the users to interact and meet new people by posting their creations, ideas, and updates based on their interests and passion.

While creating your account, you can build your profile based on a ‘persona’ that directly reflects your likes, passions, experiences, and interests. You can go up for five personas at a time and change your preferences later.

You can scroll on a feed that’s trending and popular with respect to your persona.

How it started

The creator of Orkut, Mr. Orkut Buyukkokten started ‘Hello’ with a small group of ex-Google engineers. At present, there are 20 members on the team sponsored by a few number of financiers, Google included. The social media app is currently available in a total of 12 countries including Canada, New Zealand and Brazil for both Android and iOS users.

Why did Orkut shut down?

Orkut was an instant success at the time of its launch. It functioned for nearly a decade garnering more than 300 million active users worldwide. However, after Facebook and Twitter grew on the network, Orkut’s popularity started dwindling. Eventually, the site was shut down in 2014 making way for modern social media apps today.