Uber users now can call 24X7 helpline to report safety issues

Uber has launched a 24X7 safety helpline, through which commuters can report any misconduct by driver or co-passenger

Uber users now can call 24X7 helpline to report safety issues

The ride-sharing app, Uber has finally given in to the demands of the users and announced 24X7 safety helpline for its riders. This is over and above the SOS button that Uber provides as a safety measure in its app.

Through this helpline, commuters can report any misconduct by Uber driver or co-commuter ( in case of an Uber Pool). The call can also be used to report route issues, rash or drowsy driving by the driver and car breakdown. However, the company has clearly indicated that this helpline should not be seen as a replacement to 100 number.

In a statement from the company, Pavan Vaish, Head of Central Operations (Rides), Uber India and South Asia said, “All our riders will now be able to access this helpline, any time of the day or night, should they need urgent assistance during their trip. We want to ensure safety is built into the services we offer to all our riders and this additional level of security reiterates our commitment to building the best safety standards across India.”

In March 2019, Uber had done a pilot for this helpline in Chandigarh and after the successful test run, it has now been launched on a pan-India basis.

Here’s how one can place a call to Uber’s safety helpline

  • While riding in Uber, fire up the app and head over to the shield icon
  • Tap on the shield icon
  • Select Safety helpline option
  • Swipe to make the call.
  • Talk to the Uber representative to share your issue.

It is noteworthy, that Ola has had a similar call feature in the app right from its launch in 2011.

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