Bigg Boss 14: Race to finale intensifies

Bigg Boss 14: Race to finale intensifies

With just 2 days to the finale, the pressure is at its peak with all the contestants wishing to be the one to hold the winner’s trophy. Holding things within and having gone through various challenges throughout the game, it’s time for the contestants to put their best food forward.

Just when the contestants probably thought that it’s going to be a smooth road ahead, Rajkumar Rao enters the house and adds a new twist to the game. Leaving everyone shocked and shaken with his declaration, the scene has changed again.
Laughter Therapy seems to be the need of the hour for all the contestants. To add a kick of laughter to their otherwise stressful life, the laughter couple Bharti Singh and Harsh Limbhacchiya enter the house to have a fun banter with the contestants. Them being a fun couple with their own antiques and quirks, the contestants get into splits as Bharti and Harsh take a dig at them for their unique characteristics that have been the highlight of their journey inside the house.

From referring to Nikki as a crow because of her shrilling voice to teasing Rahul and Rubina for their developing warmth and closeness towards the end of the show and tagging Abhinav as ‘Woh’ Bharti and Harsh didn’t leave a stone unturned to add their flavour to the show.

That being said, fights almost always seem inevitable inside the house and the contestants end up locking horns with each other towards the end.

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