Bigg Boss 14: Who will be the first contestant to get evicted from the House?

Bigg Boss 14: Who will be the first contestant to get evicted from the House?

On Sunday, Salman Khan provided a much-required reality check to all contestants. Post this, most contestants are seen formulating new strategies and re-checking what they have been doing. The focus is now to get their A-game. 

So far, Nikki Tamboli is the only contestant to be confirmed. She also has been given special authority by the Seniors. Hina Khan has made her in charge of the BB mall for the day. She will get to decide what clothes and items the contestants can get. However, this doesn't go down well with her peers and it creates a massive rift between them. Nishant, Pavitra, Rahul, and Nikki get into a fiery argument over their clothes and they try hard to convince Nikki, who according to them is being unreasonable.

Later, Nikki and the other contestants have a funny banter on her latest shenanigans. She takes her ex-boyfriend’s boxers and starts ironing them. Seeing this the contestants can't stop but overlook their differences with Nikki and start cracking jokes about her behaviour. Later in the day, Bigg Boss gives a nomination task to the freshers where they have to break clay pots of those competitors who they think don't deserve to be in the game and support it with proper reasoning. Reasons like ‘The other one is not real or their game is not good enough’ begin flowing in and major arguments thus, break out.  

At the end of the day, Bigg Boss introduces a new element, much to everyone’s dismay, where he instructs the seniors to nominate a contestant who will be evicted from the house that very moment. 

Who will be evicted from the house?