There was never a romantic angle in my relationship with Jasleen: Anup Jalota

Recently, after getting eliminated from the Bigg Boss 12 house, Anup Jalota cleared the air about his controversial relationship with his student Jasleen Mathura


This week Colors’ Bigg Boss 12 saw double elimination, Anup Jalota and Sabha Khan got eliminated from the house. The veteran bhajan singer Anup Jalota, who had entered the house with his rumoured girlfriend Jasleen Mathura cleared the air about their relationship. In the initial period of the reality show, the couple had made to the headlines for their controversial relationship.

Recently, after the elimination when we met Anup and asked him, was it their strategy to enter the house as a couple, “We never entered the house as girlfriend-boyfriend. We had participated as a Musical Jodi and did the same in the house we practised music, sang songs, discussed with other inmates about our lessons also we went on a musical date, however, there was no romantic angle in it”, stated Jalota.

On being questioned about the allegations and criticism which the duo has received from the audience, the singer answered, “As per my age, which is 65, coming to this age I will not do anything which my fans won’t like. It’s a human tendency of considering a person wrong. I know that I haven’t done anything wrong during the tenure of my stay in the house. Jasleen and I share a very beautiful musical relationship which would remain the same even after the show as her father is my good friend.” 

Giving a message to Jasleen, who is still a part of the game, he said that she needs to play smart and stay strong in the game.