Zee TV launches a new dark love story titled 'Aghori'

Starring Gaurav Chopra, Parag Tyagi, and Simaran Kaur in the lead role, the show will focus on a unique love story set against the backdrop of the 'Aghori' world

Zee TV launches a new dark love story titled 'Aghori'

After successfully launching new shows back to back, the team at Zee TV has planned a new fiction drama to entertain the audience over the weekend. Titled Aghori, the story will be a unique dark love story which will also reflect slightly on the Aghori world. 

Popular names from the TV industry like Gaurav Chopra, Simaran Kaur, Parag Tyagi, and others have been roped in, for the show. Set against an intriguing canvas, the show will shatter all the stereotypes surrounding love, deceit, and mysticism. 

Talking about the concept, Aparna Bhosle, Business Head, Zee TV, said "This is an exciting property for Zee TV. This fiction show will not propagate the practices of an Aghori. The story will shed light on the fact that this community can be amongst us. The story revolves around a common man who is Aghori on a mission and falls in love with a woman."

Adding to the thought, Shariq Patel, CEO, Essel Vision, said, "The show is very close to our heart. We are coming back to Zee after some time with fiction and we hope it is loved by the audience. There is a lot of hard work that has gone into the show - it is a love story at heart."

Gaurav Chopra plays one of the leads in the show. His character Advik will live as both an Aghori world and a common man. Sharing his thought on why he chose the concept, he said, "This show is genuinely convincing and there was no question regarding any aspect of the show. I started my career with Zee TV and my second innings (after a short break from GEC) is also with Zee. One of the main reasons for me to accept the show is a unique concept, unlike the usual television shows we have seen over the years."

Adding his thought on the same, Parag Tyagi, said, "I played Bhramarakshas which became a huge character. But when I got this character, l realized that this is a strong character which I have been wanting to play. The concept of Aghori is unique and such a plot is unexplored, which will make the show interesting for the audiencence."

Besides the above-mentioned cast, the show also stars Preeti Puri, Poulomi Das, Zafar Rajdhani, and Malhar Pandya. Aghori will air on Zee TV from June 22, 2019.

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