Alert motorman saves senior citizen

    Mumbai  -  

    Charni Road: A video of an elderly woman walking on the railway tracks at Charni Road station, and narrowly escaping death thanks to an alert motorman, has gone viral on social media.

    The bloodcurdling video was captured by commuters on their mobile phones. The video will leave you stunned.
    The old woman was crossing the tracks when she saw a train hurtling towards her.
    The commuters on the other platform started screaming at the woman to move aside but the panicked woman just tried to climb the 2 feet wall to survive, in vain.
    The motorman in charge of the train, however, saw the old lady from a long distance and decelerating the speed of the train; he very smartly stopped the train and saved the woman’s life.
    The incident took place sometime this week, and as it is said that “Mumbai locals are the lifeline of the city” the train went ahead and completed its task of carrying passengers from one point to other.

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