BEST to start use of ETIM again

BEST had reduced the use of ETIM the last 7 months and had resorted to the old paper tickets


BEST will be re-introducing its Electronic Ticket Issuing Machines (ETIM) which had been discontinued for seven months. ETIM was time efficient as the passes could be scanned and the tickets could be issued easily, as compared to the old paper tickets.  

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An official said that around 4,000 of the electronic hand-held machines have been repaired and distributed to all 27 bus depots in the city. Conductors will carry the machine to issue the tickets and also to check the validity of the bus passes.

With paper tickets, the conductor had to give the different denomination tickets and punch. The entire process was very time consuming and now with ETIM, it is all set to reduce the time. Moreover, commuters can again use their e-purse i.e. prepaid smart card for travel which had been temporarily stopped due to faulty machines. Passengers can further book their tickets online through mobile apps and avail the printout at any bus depot. 

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