First ever Train 18 journey to commence between Mumbai-Shirdi

With the introduction of Train 18, the travel time between Mumbai-Shirdi will be brought down to three hours


Soon, travelling between Mumbai and Shirdi will become faster as Central Railway's first Train 18 will cut down the travel time down by six hours. The semi high-speed train, which is also known as 'Vande Bharat Express', is estimated to cover the 291-kilometre distance in about three hours. Currently, the passengers have to travel for nine hours by train to complete the same journey. 

Shirdi is a pilgrimage site in Maharashtra and is visited by millions of devotees and tourists every year. In the meantime, a railway official stated that the Mumbai-Shirdi route for Train 18 was decided after consultation with Railway Board officials. 

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Train 18 will resemble Shatabdi trains and the possible routes might be via Pune/Daund or via Manmad railway stations. The ministry of Railways had held a meeting in May for all zonal railways in New Delhi to decide the routes on which Train 18 could operate.

Along with this, a new batch of Train 18 coaches is under production at Integrated Rail Factory, Chennai. 

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