Mumbai local trains studded with blue lights at doors

The blue lights have been installed in order to ensure the safety of the passengers. The active blue light signifies that the train is about to leave


Railways is one of the prominent means of transport in Mumbai but every year, hundreds to thousands die in railway accidents. Therefore, the government has been working towards making transportation safe for passengers and as a result, the rail corporation had run a trial test a few months ago.

The trial run consisted of running local trains with blue lights installed at doors. The blue lights would activate as soon as the train was about to leave, signaling the passenger to board or get off the train immediately.

However, after a successful trial, now the trains with lights on doors will run on the Central line. The service will assist the passengers to know whether the train will leave or not within a few seconds. The service is expected to bring down the number of accidents caused due to people falling off the trains.

Earlier, Railway Minister Piyush Goyal tweeted a video emphasising on the importance of the safety while travelling through trains. 

Meanwhile, the train will commence its journey after the light has blinked thrice. The initiative will soon be launched on Western Railway line along with Central Railways.

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