Central Railways successfully experiments audio alarm for signals

The audio alarm alerts the motorman about whether the signal is red or green and soon, the alarms will be installed in all the local trains running on the Central line


In an attempt to avoid accidents due to jumping red signals, Central Railways has decided to install audio alarms in the motorman's cabin. Accordingly, Railways successfully experimented the audio alarms and soon, the alarms will be installed in all the local trains on the Central line. The alarm will assist the motorman in avoiding accidents by alerting them when the signal is red.

Currently, when the motorman jumps a red signal, the auxiliary warning system initiates automatic brakes and stops the train. However, later the train takes a lot of time to restart, due to which, the rail service is disrupted. Therefore, in order to avoid the nuisance, Railways decided to bring an alarm in the motorman's cabin. 

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There have been various instances of trains jumping the signal, which results in the transfer of a certified motorman to underqualified jobs. Therefore, in order to avoid such incidents, the alarms are being brought in the picture.

Meanwhile, Railways has currently installed the alarms in 22 local trains but soon, all the trains on the Central line will consist audio alarms.