Central Railways Transports 3.10 lakh Tonnes Of Agricultural Produce Across India Through Kisan Rail

Central Railway completed 900 trips of Kisan Rail on January 1, 2022.

Central Railways Transports 3.10 lakh Tonnes Of Agricultural Produce Across India Through Kisan Rail

On Saturday, January 1, Central Railway ran its 900th trip of Kisan Rail from Savda to Adarsh Nagar Delhi. Ensuring access to bigger and new markets for the farm produce, with quick transportation, zero wastage, 50 per cent subsidy, the Kisan Rail brings hope to the farmers of Maharashtra.

Ever since the introduction of the first Kisan Rail, 3,10,400 tonnes of perishables have been transported in 900 trips of Kisan Rail by Central Railway. Central Railway had the distinction of running the first Kisan Rail on 7 August 2020 and the 100th trip of Kisan Rail on 28 December 2020. The 500th trip of Kisan Rail ran on August 12, 2021. Now, the 900th trip of Kisan Rail left Savda to Adarsh Nagar, Delhi on January 1, 2022.

Pomegranate, grapes, lemon, capsicum, musk melon, guava, custard apple, ber (Indian Plum) from Solapur region, Flowers from Latur and Osmanabad region, Onions from Nashik region, Banana from Bhusaval and Jalgaon region, Oranges from Nagpur region and other fruits and vegetables reach distant markets like Delhi, Bihar, West Bengal quickly and freshly through Kisan Rail. 

The government has also extended a subsidy of 50 per cent to the farmers as a part of the Government’s vision of Operation Green – TOP to TOTAL under Atmanirbhar Bharat Abhiyan. This resulted in railways becoming the first choice of the farmers for their transportation. 

Anil Kumar Lahoti, General Manager, Central Railway said 900 trips of Kisan Rail elucidates its immense benefits to the farmers with quick and safe transportation and access to new bigger markets.

Central Railway presently runs 6 Kisan Rails viz. Devlali - Muzaffarpur, Sangola – Muzaffarpur, Sangola - Adarsh Nagar Delhi, Sangola - Shalimar, Raver - Adarsh Nagar Delhi and Savda - Adarsh Nagar Delhi.

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