Day 2 of Domestic Flight Operations Saw 3,114 People Leaving Mumbai While 1,110 Arrived

Day 2 of Domestic Flight Operations Saw 3,114 People Leaving Mumbai While 1,110 Arrived

With the second day of domestic flight operations concluding in Mumbai on Tuesday, data reveals that more people left the city than arrived. It is said that a total of 1,110 passengers landed in Mumbai, while 3,114 left the city to another destination. 

It is said that a large bulk of the passengers leaving Mumbai arrived in Delhi as it is a key connecting hub for regions in Punjab, Uttar Pradesh, and nearby states. Flights to Kochi were also fairly popular, although prices at one point touched Rs 16,000 per ticket for a rerouted flight via Delhi and Hyderabad.

A total of 41 flights operated in the Mumbai Airport on Tuesday with 19 arriving in the city and 22 leaving Mumbai. There were three cancellations as well, reports add. IndiGo operated Tuesday’s first flight which headed to Ranchi, departing at 6:30 AM while the airport’s first arrival was also an IndiGo flight coming from Lucknow at 8:20 AM. 

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While flights like IndiGo, Vistara, SpiceJet, and so on are currently flying, GoAir has mentioned that its operations will only begin after June 1. The company claims that it hasn’t received proper word on the states’ readiness as well as the protocol for passengers who arrive at a new destination.

As flight operations began on Monday, several users were still stranded at the airport due to last-minute cancellations by the airlines. Fortunately, they were assisted by the staff on the ground who helped them reach their next flight.

Some passengers also complained of delays in deboarding the plane upon arrival, which is an expected consequence as safety procedures have to be put in place before letting passengers off the plane. 

As is the case with most domestic flights, some passengers tend to get impatient when there’s a delay in deboarding. However, given the circumstances, it is expected that everyone adheres to the rules and will not endanger fellow citizens’ lives.

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