Planning a getaway for the long weekend? Get ready for some traffic!

There is a possibility of a traffic jam on Mumbai-Pune Express Highway and Mumbai-Goa Highway


Mumbaikars who planned to skip town for the long weekend and left the city on Saturday morning got stuck in a traffic jam on the roads leading to Goa, Pune, and Konkan.

Many of the Mumbaikars have chalked out their plan owing to the long weekend which also includes bank holidays like Buddha Purnima (April 30) and Maharashtra Day (May 1).

Because of which, since Saturday morning, a number of vehicles can be seen plying on the Mumbai-Pune Express Highway and the Mumbai-Goa Highway. Also, as tourists usually visit places like Mumbai, Khandala, Lonavala, Pune, Konkan, and Goa, there has been a traffic jam for up to 5 km.

For now, the traffic police are trying their best to clear the traffic congestion. However, it is being said that the same situation can happen on Tuesday when tourists will return to Mumbai and Pune using Mumbai-Pune Express Highway and Mumbai-Goa Highway.

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