Mumbai airport operations affected due to disabled AN-32 aircraft on the runway

Main runway expected to open by mid day on May 8.


 The Indian Air Force (IAF) AN-32 plane which was on its way to Yelahanka Airforce Base in Bengaluru, overran runway-27 while departing from Mumbai Airport.

Due to the accident, the runway was not operational. However, no injury was reported and the secondary runway 14-22 is now operational. 

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As stated in Mumbai Mirror, an  IAF spokesperson Captain Anupam Banerjee said that the take off was abandoned due to a technical glitch and there was no harm to the aircraft.

Several passengers took to social media platform Twitter to complain about the inconvenience and delay. A Twitter user stated, "Stuck at the airport as the runway is closed. Inconvenience to children at senior citizens as there are long queues at Terminal 1".   

Notably, An Indigo flight was diverted to Ahmedabad due to the unavailability of the runway. Some flights are also being diverted to other airports. 

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