Mumbai fashion designer in a cab survives an eight-foot long iron rod that fell from JVLR flyover

Rinku Jain, a 42-year-old fashion designer from Goregaon had a near-death encounter after an eight-feet long iron rod pierced through the cab's windshield. Luckily, Jain just faced minor injuries

Mumbai fashion designer in a cab survives an eight-foot long iron rod that fell from JVLR flyover

Rinku Jain (a Mumbai-based fashion designer) had a near-death experience as the cab she was travelling in met with an accident as an eight-feet-long rod pierced through the windshield of the car under Jogeshwari flyover on Tuesday. 

The rod fell just right in front of her as she was sitting next to the driver and luckily, it missed her by inches and got lodged in the dashboard of the car. The 16mm iron rod was a part of the flyover.

The woman stated that she was travelling with her niece when the accident happened. Speaking more about the same, she told The Hindu, 

I took a cab with my niece from my boutique in Goregaon to head to south Mumbai. At 2 p.m., my taxi reached the Jogeshwari stretch of the Western Express Highway. Suddenly, an iron rod came crashing through our cab, which was moving at a speed of 40 km/hour. It fell inches away from my face. The windshield was shattered and I had glass all over my body. I sustained minor injuries but the rod could have easily gone through my head.”

In the meantime, officers with Jogeshwari police, who were patrolling the area, witnessed the accident and immediately ran out to help. One of the police officers climbed on the bonnet and pulled the rod out: 

Her husband, Navin Jain posted videos and photos about the same on Facebook explaining how the incident was a risky affair and how lucky his wife was:

The police are now looking into the matter and will inspect the CCTV footage to find out how the rod fell on the cab.

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