Kurla RPF go innovative in taking action

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    Kurla RPF go innovative in taking action
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    For people who simply want to sneak off the overcrowded coaches of the local train, thought boarding the ones meant for the physically handicapped could give them a smooth commute. But as luck may have it, Kurla RPF simply caught hold of these people and decided to set them right in their shoes by giving them a taste of how the handicapped feel. The cops, made the guilty sit on the wheelchairs just so they could make them realise that the only folks who are meant to travel in these coaches are the ones who are actually handicapped.

    The RPF conducted such a treatment for more than 20 of the travellers. They tried to set an example for them and making them realise as to how much inconvenience the general populace causes to the actually handicapped ones by doing so.

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