Lane on Mumbai-Pune Expressway caves in near Adoshi tunnel

The road had cracked over a 50-metre stretch near Adoshi tunnel at Mumbai-Pune Expressway, causing disruption of the low-speed lane on the left


After a week of heavy downpour, the roads of Mumbai along with the Mumbai-Pune Expressway have succumbed. Due to the rainfall, a patch of road near Adoshi tunnel has sunk by at least five inches which has caused the authorities to shut the lane for traffic. Caving of the road has been detected about 72 km from Pune.

The stretch is located in Lonavala just near Khopoli where the ghat sections begin on the way to Pune from Mumbai. The area had witnessed over 300 mm of heavy rainfall in 24 hours last week. 

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The road had cracked over a 50-metre stretch, causing disruption of the low-speed lane on the left. Alongside, smaller cracks have started to appear on a 200-300 metre stretch ahead of the part that is majorly affected.

On the other hand, the truck drivers and frequent travellers expressed their concern over the roads and stated that the lane was dangerous and could witness an accident any time soon. The major concern that needs to be addressed currently is about people travelling at night, as they will have to travel via the slope, which poses a safety issue as vehicles travel at a faster speed on the expressway. 

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