Passengers can now get seats in general class coaches through biometric system

The biometric system will generate a token on the basis of available seats in an unreserved coach. This will assist the rail corporation in resolving the issue of overcrowded compartments

Passengers can now get seats in general class coaches through biometric system

In an attempt to eliminate and counter the hassles caused due to overcrowded compartments in trains, the Central Government has piloted a biometric system which allows passengers in unreserved coaches to gain a seat on a first-come-first-serve basis.

As per the Railways' move to modernise the rail transport in the country, passengers purchasing tickets for the general class coaches will have to get their fingerprints scanned at a biometric machine installed at railway stations. Accordingly, as the passenger will scan his fingerprint, the machine will generate a token with a serial number. 

The total number of tokens will be generated on the basis of the number of seats available in an unreserved coach.

Later, the passengers would be directed to the platform in a queue according to the allotted serial number on the token. The token will be verified by the RPF staff at the entry point of the general class coach, who will allow the passengers to board the coach in an orderly manner.

As of now, the biometric system is being tested on the Western Railway (WR) as the rail corporation has installed biometric token machines at Mumbai Central and Bandra Terminus. Two machines each have been installed at the railway stations.  

Here's a list of the trains that will be part of the biometric system testing:

  • Amravati Express (Mumbai Central station)
  • Jaipur Superfast Express (Mumbai Central station)
  • Karnavati Express (Mumbai Central station)
  • Gujarat Mail (Mumbai Central station)
  • Golden Temple Mail (Mumbai Central station)
  • Paschim Express (Bandra Terminus)
  • Amaravati Express (Bandra Terminus)
  • Avadh Express (Bandra Terminus)
  • Maharashtra Sampark Kranti Express (Bandra Terminus)
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